Our Courses

If you think about your health in a holistic manner - your body, mind, and spirit need to be balanced for true healing to occur.

The Body – Usually you visit a doctor if your body hurts and bears pain.

The Mind – Typically you seek a psychologist to help maneuver your mind.

The Spirit – Where do you go if you’re looking to heal your spirit?

The answer is - Reiki, a Japanese energy balancing technique that starts to open all of your energy centers including your chakras, meridians, aura, and nadis. People seek Reiki to help them understand what they are going through on a spiritual level. Below are the levels of Reiki we offer:

Reiki Degree 1 certification-


Reiki Level 1 is about the process of self awareness. In level 1 you will be able to learn and identify your own energy. In this level, students receive basic information about Reiki, introduction of energy and chakras. In practice, they learn how to feel their own energy and to heal themselves. As a healer, it is important to understand and heal yourself first before working with others. In addition to these self healing techniques, students will get their first attunement.

Reiki Degree 2 certification-


In Reiki Level 2, you will learn how to heal others through various different techniques such as basic healing, distance healing, healing of past/present/future etc. The basic Reiki symbols will be introduced and used in practical healing. In Reiki Level II, students are given ancient symbols which allow the Reiki energy to perform powerful functions, such as specific mental/emotional/spiritual healing and long distance healing. Students are taught channeling techniques, thereby increasing their overall psychic awareness in life and in healing sessions.

Reiki Degree 3 (Master level)-


Reiki Level 3 is the highest level in the Reiki journey. If the master feels the students are ready for this level then he/she will get the attunement. In addition to this, students will get the master symbol. To be in this level, students must have completed level 2 and healed others. Reiki Level III brings to the practitioner greater awareness and empowerment in many levels of life and provides a spiritual mission to spread healing through Reiki.

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Reiki Teacher Training-

Want to be a certified teacher?

Those who reach Reiki Level 4 are dedicated Reiki practitioners who are highly committed to the natural healing system of Reiki and the desire to heal others. The Level 4 is the Teacher's Level for a Reiki Practitioner to receive the practical knowledge and subsequently attune others to Reiki. For those of you who wish to pass on your sacred knowledge and skills to teach Reiki to others, Master Teacher level is the most advanced level course that will provide you with the wisdom you need.

Tarot Card Reading Course

The Tarot is an incredible tool for healing and guiding positive change in people's lives. An experienced Tarot Reader can use the Tarot to help people through challenging life experiences and difficult choices. It helps with finding clarity and facilitates spiritual growth. The 78 cards in the tarot deck gives us direction and guided perspective on one’s current situation while illuminating overlooked pathways for success. To be more precise, tarot reflects what lies beneath the sheaths of your conscious mind and it has the great ability to speak about the current scenario and possible outcome.

The Certified Tarot Card Reading course involves teachings on the basic knowledge of how tarot cards work, its history and structure, major & minor Arcana and developing your intuitive skills to interpret the cards. This structured course comes with a recognized certification at the end of the course.

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